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Government of Nepal

Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation

Foreign Aid Coordination Division

Programmes and Projects under MFSC

Updated  FY 2073-074(2073/11/15)

S. N.

Name of the project/programme

Donor Agency, Collaborating Agency

Total Budget


Concerned Institution/Division/Department


1 Building Climate Resilience of watersheds in Mountain Eco-Regions. Asian Development Bank (ADB) Strategic Climatic Fund USD 30.11 Million Jan 2014-Jan 2020 DSCWM  
2 Forest Preservation Program Nepal

Government of Japan-Grant 

Japanese Yen 600,000,000 (six hundred million)

March 2010- March 2012

Foreign Aid Coordination Division(MFSC), Recently Closed
3 Strengthening Regional Cooperation for Wildlife Conservation Project  (IDA) The World Bank  USD 3 Million (TA)              July 16, 2011 to December 2016.


Recently Closed
4 Kailash Sacred Landscape Conservation Initiative Implementation Plan-Nepal ICIMOD

USD 10 million (TA)



Foreign Aid Coordination Division(MFSC), DoF, DPR, RECAST  
5 Enhancing Livelihood and Food Security from Agroforestry and Community Forestry in Nepal

University of Adelaide,

University of NSW

World Agroforestry Centre

Nepali Partners                       


USD 0.584 million


USD 0.478 million


USD 0.262 million


USD 1.148 million

April 2013-March 2018


6 REDD  Implementation programme. World Bank, FCPF USD 3.4  Million 

July 2010-July 2015

 RIC Recently Closed
7 Adaptation for smallholder in  Hilly areas(ASHA) IFAD USD 25 million 2015-2020


8 Strengthening the institutional capacity of SAWEN to combat wildlife crime in south Asia. IDA grant  0.4 million 2014 to oct.2017.


9 Forest Farm Facility -pilot programe in Nepal. FAO USD 500000


Extension Aug.2017
10 Barcode wildlife project CBOL USD 500000 2014 to Dec.2016.  NTNC  
11 REDD + Himalayas: Developing and using experience in implementing REDD in the Himalayas. ICIMOD. USD 108219 May 2015-DEC.2018. RIC  
12 Strengthening forest tenure for sustaining livelihoods and Generating income FAO USD 375000 Oct.2014-Sept.2016. DOF Recently Closed
13 Supporting community based sustainable forest management   and economic empowerment of woman in central region of Nepal. APFNet USD 530568 Apirl 2014-April 2017 HIMAWONTI, DOF Recently Closed
14 Sustainable Land Management in Churiya Region, Nepal. GEF/WWF USD 398864 2014-2016


Recently Closed
15 Enhancing rural livelihoods in underutilizing/abandoned agricultural land through agroforestry. FAO USD 311,000 1sep 2016-30sep 2018 FACD/MFSC  
16 Landslide prevention and stabilization of slopes in the most earthquake affected districts of Nepal. FAO USD 406,000 1 Aug 2016-31 july 2018 DSCWM  
17 Building Resilience to Landslides through Support for Community Based Rehabilitation and Mitigation Actions, the Establishment of Early Warning System in Nepal. FAO USD 490,074 Sep 2016-Jan 2018 DSCWM  
18 Forest Investment Plan Preparation Project. World Bank USD 250,000 2016-2018 RIC  
19 Strengthening Capacities for Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol in Nepal  GEF/IUCN USD 1.3 million Nov. 2016-  May 2019 BED/MoFSC  
20 Implementing the NTIS in the sector of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) project EIF/GIZ

Euro  3.3 Million

June 2014- 31 December 2015 (extended to June 2018 FACD, MFSC