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Herbs Production & Processing Co. Ltd.

(at a glance)

Background & Concept

The independent Kingdom of Nepal is lying in the South slopes of medium Himalaya with the coordinates of 26-30 degree of the latitude and 80-88 degree of the longitude and it holds an area about 147181 square kilometer. It has various types of natural resources according to its varied altitude. Medicinal and aromatic plants are one of the most important natural resources to generate the national economy of the country. The varied climatic conditions in Nepal make it possible to grow a wide variety of plants. Because of the diversity in Agro-climatic conditions a remarkably wide range of medicinal and aromatic plants are found growing throughout the country. Many people in the mountainous sectors depend on the collection and sale of natural herbs for their livelihood. The collection is done rather indiscriminately to meet the demand and thus might lead to the extinction of valuable species. With a view to conserve the valuable species of medicinal and aromatic plants. His Majestys Government of Nepal has established Herbs Production & Processing Co. Ltd. (An under taking of Government of Nepal) in 1981 December.


  1. Collection of wild herbs to export or sell after processing only.
  2. Cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants to sell in national and intentional markets after processing only.
  3. To popularize the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants among the private farmers.
  4. To make available the raw material in processed form to the different pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic and aromatic industries.
  5. To preserve the natural resources applying advanced technology in collecting the herbs.
  6. To create the employment opportunity in the country, and
  7. To facilitate to uplift economic standard of low level income group of people by providing income opportunity.
  8. To formulate the herbal care products and sell


  1. To process and distill the medicinal herbs and aromatic plants collected in wild form and cultivated in private sectors and well as own farm
  2. to sell and export them in domestic and international markets.
  3. to utilize the natural resources.
  4. to provide the opportunity to the landless farmers for cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants leasing the companys land.
  5. to encourage the private farmers to cultivate medicinal and aromatic plants providing the advanced technology and guarantee for the immediate cash income.
  6. to procure the crude herbs only from the genuine collectors, avoiding the unscrupulous middlemens margin, and
  7. to support the national economy by exporting the oleoresins, extracts and essential oils.
  8. to sell the herbal care products.

The company has its own land of 350 hectares is located at 14km. from Nijgadh in Terai has been carrying out the cultivation and processing of medicinal and aromatic plants in 200 hectares. Out of 200 hectares 100 hectares of land have been distributed to the landless local farmers to generate their income by cultivating the essential oils bearing plants and the plants grown by them are to be purchased by the company for further distillation in order to produce oils. The rest 150 hectares of land have been in condition of jungle with shrubs and stumps. Hence, this area has not been in condition to cultivate the plants.

To make this land cultivable, the company is not in position to finance in clearing the jungle as well as to materialize the land even if it is cleared. Therefore, the company is looking for an international donor institute with a view to utilize the land in the following manner so that the royal ordinance proclaimed to enhance the Nepalese standard to of living providing basic needs to the people below poverty line can make fruitful on the one hand and the company can gear up its productions and sales on the other. 

  1. to assist the landless local farmers in generating their economy by distributing the land to cultivate the medicinal and aromatic plants.
  2. to establish the seed propagation unit of different medicinal and aromatic plants, and
  3. to widen the products of Nepal in large scale to support the economy of the country.

Under the aim of this company, the cultivation extension programme also plays an important role to gear up the financial situation of the people of Nepal and to support the national policy for the agriculture. This company has been carrying out its programme of cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants since its inception in the country. At the outset to this programme, this company had started the cultivation only in 26 repaints of land of different farmers in Kathmandu area, but at present, it has been extended up to 2000 repaints of private land in different area of Nepal by different farmers. By this concrete example, it can be assumed that the local farmers of Nepal are interested to cultivate the herbs even in their own farms. 


Composition of Board of Directors
a.         Chairman      -           Decision of Ministry of Forests & Soil Conservation
b.         Member         -           Representative of Ministry of Finance
c.         Member         -           Representative of Shareholders
d.         Member         -           Representative of Specialist
e.         Member        -           Secretary – General Manager of HPPCL
Branch and Sub-branch
The central office and the factory of the company is situated at Koteshore in Kathmandu, It has branches and collection centres in different regions of Nepall with different activities such as Tamagadhi, Belbari, Sunsari, Tikapur, Mahendranagar and Dhankuta.
Product list
Essential oils and Extracts based on
Essential Oils                                                       Extracts
Arrtemisia Oil                                                            Amala (Emblica) extracts
Anthopogon Oil                                                          Belladonna extracts
Camomile Oil                                                              Chiraita extracts
Calamus Oil                                                                Lichen extracts
Citronella Oil                                                              Rosin
French basil Oil                                                           Taxus extracts
Kachur Oil
Mentha arvensis Oil
Juniper berry Oil
Jatamansi Oil
Lemongrass Oil
Palmarosa Oil
Sugandha kokila Oil
Turpentine Oil
Wintergreen Oil
Xanthoxylum Oil
Herbal Care Products based on essential oils
Consumer products
Oral and Massage                                                 Inhale and Fragrance
Anti-leech Oil                                                                        Decongestant          
Himalayan Massage Oil                                              Refreshing
Nepal Oil                                                                     Tension Reliever
Perfume based on aromatic plants
Kanchangungha (Male)
Manakamana (Female)
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